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Ecuador— Old Scripted Video Showing saleswoman Saves a Girl From Kidnapper Circulated as Real: Fact-Check 

A video claiming to be real shows a Man talking on his phone while attempting to kidnap a girl, but the saleswoman saves her.

Verified account on twitter, including Insane Reality Leaks (“@InsaneRealitys“) shared the Video and wrote “This man’s peculiar conduct alarmed her, and she trusted her instincts to rescue the little girl”. The tweet has received an about 1M views and more than 600 reshares by other user accounts.

What is the Real Truth about the Video that went Viral? : Fact

The fact is that it is a scripted video. It was created by “Renata Chonlong” of Ecuador. She clarified that all of the situations shown in her video are staged after the video went viral as real in 2022. She explained that she created this type of video to raise awareness about the various dangers a child or person can face. The video has absolutely nothing to do with reality.

D-Intent’s Fact-Checking Results:


To gain attention on social media, social media influencers are circulating scripted video of a saleswoman saving a girl as real.


Claim : A video has been shared that purports to show a man talking on his phone while attempting to kidnap a girl, but the Saleswoman saves the girl.

Fact : The truth is that it is a scripted video and was created by a content creator named “Renata Chonlong” from Ecuador.

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