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Israel-Palestine Conflict — Old Video of Israel’s Envoy To The UN Gilad Erdan Resurfaced As Recent: Fact-Check

A video of Israel’s UN envoy, Gilad Erdan, tearing up a UNHRC report at the UNGA has been circulated as a recent incident related to the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine.

Suresh Chavhanke “Sudarshan News” (@SureshChavhanke), CMD & Editor-in-Chief, a verified profile on twitter shared the video on Oct 18,2023. He claimed that Israel representatives came to the UN stage, tore the notice, and threw it away, claiming that terrorists have no human rights. If the entire world stands against the Jihadis in this manner, the Jihadis will be eradicated from Vasundhara.

Sudhir Mishra (“@Sudhir_mish“) also claimed that the incident is from the current Israel – Palestine conflict. He has received an about 25.3K views and more than 700 reshares on twitter. The archive can be read from above.

Many other accounts, some of which are verified, including sourabh Gupta (“@sourabh2610“), @peldijiye, @somdev__cgwale, @brijeshchaodhry, @Modified_Hindu9, Vinod Sharma (“@vinodsharma1834“) claimed Israel was summoned to the United Nations for violating human rights and was given a 20-page report.The Israeli representative appeared on stage for two minutes and was charged. He tore the charge sheet and said, “Here is your report.”
And then he was gone.

What is Real Truth about the Video? : Fact

The truth is that this is an old video of Israel’s UN representative, Gilad Erdan, at the UNGA in October 2021. It has Nothing to do with the current conflicts.

The Jerusalem Post” posted the video on Oct 31,2021. It clarifies that the video is not from the current war between Israel and Hamas.

THE JERUSALEM POST also published an article on this incident on Oct 31,2021. It shared an image with the caption “Ambassador Gilad Erdan tears up UNHRC report at the UNGA”.

D-Intent’s Fact-Checking Results:


To set their narrative, propagandists and media personalities with limited knowledge circulate old videos with false claims.


Claim : The continuous conflict between Israel and Palestine is connected to a video that has been circulated recently that shows Israel’s envoy to the UN, Gilad Erdan, tearing up a UNHRC report at the UNGA.

Fact : This video, which was taken in October 2021 at the UNGA, actually shows Israeli representative to the UN Gilad Erdan. It has nothing to do with the ongoing disputes.

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