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Israel-Palestine Conflict — Old Video Of Rituals From Indonesia Falsely Being Linked To Gaza Victims: Fact-Check

A video of a large number of wrapped human bodies lying down in a crowd has gone viral, claiming to be of Palestinians killed in Israel strikes in Gaza.

Verified profile on X, including @Ahhmmedd777 shared the 14 seconds video clip of the incident. He claimed that Israel Attack has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of innocent children. He added to support Palestine to stand with humanity. The tweet was posted on Oct 20,2023 and has an about 80.9k views.

Shahdan Whoop (“@shahdanwhoop“) also shared the image on twitter and wrote “These are bodies of Palestinian Muslims, but if you feel, you will see the bodies of the entire Ummah.” The archive can be read from above.

The truth is that this is an old video with no dead body. It is not at all related to the current conflict.

. It is known as Watangan Matah or Corpse Matah, Calonarang Ceremonies in Bali, volunteers perform as if they are dead during the rituals. The video depicts a ritual which has nothing to do Palestine. published an article related to this incident on November 1,2022. The same image was attached where they wrote “What is Watangan Matah? Living ‘corpses’ in the Calonarang performance”. The individuals who play corpses will be rendered lifelike, bathed in a funeral rite, and ceremoniously presented on stage as deceased individuals.

We visited dailymotion, where they posted the video a year ago, and clarified that Watangan Matah is one of the sacred rituals and a part of Calonarang ceremonies in Bali.

D-Intent’s Fact- Checking Results:


Influencers on social media are spreading videos of rituals from Indonesia that they say are from Palestine to set their propaganda over the unrest in the region.


Claim : A video purporting to be of Palestinians killed in Israel’s strikes in Gaza has gone viral, showing a large number of wrapped human bodies lying down amid a throng of people.

Fact: The truth is that it is an old video which got circulated and it has no dead body from Israel strikes.

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