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Bokaro, Jharkhand— Woman Set Herself On Fire, Video Viral With Communal Claims: Fact-Check

Bokaro, Jharkhand— Woman Set Herself On Fire, Video Viral With Communal Claims: Fact-Check

Misleading Claim:

A video depicting a burning lady and a man attempting to save her has gone viral, accompanied by allegations that a Muslim woman in Bokaro was set on fire by a mob, according to some users. Also, some users claim she was set on fire by RSS activists.

Misleading Tweets Misrepresenting the Incident:

Several Twitter accounts have shared the video, accompanied by misleading captions and claims. One such tweet, posted by Priyanka Mishra (“@Anchorpriyanka_“), asserts that the video shows a woman, burnt alive in Bokaro, Jharkhand, over a small land dispute. This is an animalistic, horrible, and inhumane incident. She added this is beyond forgiveness in a civilised society. In this case, the government ought to act right away. It is time to hold those responsible for this horrible crime accountable. She also added in her statement that any penalty for a crime this heinous would be minimal.

Another tweet by Rohaan (“@rohaan131997“) further perpetuates the misinformation, making claims that the Muslim woman was burnt alive in Jharkhand. She Passes Away During Treatment. Anisha Parveen was attacked by a group of fifteen to twenty people during a land dispute in Bokaro, and they doused her in kerosene and set her on fire. He claimed that She died after receiving 80% burn damage.

Additionally, @tabishkhanss shared the video with similar misleading narrative and wrote “The people of India call it heaven for Muslims. Muslim woman burnt alive in Jharkhand died during treatment Amidst the land dispute in Bokaro, a mob of 15-20 people sprinkled kerosene on Anisha Parveen and set her on fire; she suffered 80% burns. But in Jharkhand, the favorite government of Muslims is JMM+CONGRESS”. The archive can be read from above.

Many other accounts on twitter, including Khalid (“@Journo_Khalid“), siddique_speaks (“@SiddiqueSpeaks“), Md Javed Siddiqui (“@javedSiddiqui0“), Satya Prakash Bharti (“@Satyamooknayak“), Khanzadah I Awadh (“@Khanzadah_“) also made misleading claims, contributing to the spread of false information.

What is the Real Truth About the Video? : Fact

The truth is that the police have stated that they have determined that the woman set herself on fire during the course of the investigation.

BOKARO POLICE (“@bokaropolice“) tweeted on Oct 19,2023 that the aforementioned case was reported and looked into under Marafari police station case number 103/2023 on October 18, 2023. The findings of the investigation showed that the woman had set herself on fire. In this instance, Bokaro Police made four arrests, and the matter is still pending action.

Fact-Checking Efforts by D-Intent:

Acknowledging the significance of refuting false information, the fact-checking organization D-Intent decided to confirm the statements made about the video. D-Intent checked and verified that the claims made by the users are fake after proper analysis and research.


False claims in sensitive videos are spread by misinformation propaganda accounts in an effort to stoke division within the community.


Claim : Users have been spreading a video that depicts a woman burning and a man attempting to save her. It shows a Muslim woman in Bokaro being set on fire by a mob, but other users say RSS activists were the ones who started the fire.

Fact : The woman set herself on fire, according to police, who have made this clear during the investigation.

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