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Israel-Palestine Conflict — Old Image Of Quadruplets From England Falsely Being Linked To Palestinian Victims: Fact-Check

According to a shared image with four dead baby bodies, a Palestinian man from Gaza waited 16 years to become pregnant before giving birth to two twins. However, the twins and their mother were killed in Israeli airstrikes on Gaza.

TIMES OF GAZA (“@Timesofgaza“) shared the image of the incident and made a tweet on Oct 19,2023. They claimed that a16-year-old Palestinian man from Gaza eventually became father to two twins, but Israeli air attacks on Gaza killed their lives as well as their mother. The tweet on X has received an about 879k views and more than 10k reshares.

Verified profiles, including Idris (“@7signxx“) shared the picture with the caption “The Baba family were blessed with quadruplets in September after 15 years of waiting to have children. But less than 2 months later, the Israeli occupation has taken away their joy, murdering these babies and their mother in Gaza. #IsraelAttack #GazaHospital #Palestine #PalestinianLivesMatter #prayforpalestine #gaza #Gazagenocide #IsrealPalestineconflict #PrayForPalestine #IsraelTerrorists #PalestineGenocide #PalestineWar

What is the Actual Truth about the Picture which is claimed to be from the current conflict? : Fact

The truth is that this is an old photo from Billingham, in northeastern England’s Teesside, where Lisa Kelly got pregnant with quadruplets in 2009 following her third IVF cycle. It is not at all related to Israel-Palestine conflict.

The truth about the incident was published in a BBC article on Dec 20,2016.

Lisa Kelly said she worried too much about whether she was spending enough time with each girl individually.

D-Intent’s Fact-Checking Results:


Terror sympathizers’ misinformation propaganda accounts are circulating old images from the UK claiming to be from Palestine to set their propaganda against Israel.


Claim: It has been claimed in an image of four dead bodies of babies that a Palestinian man from Gaza waited 16 years to become pregnant and eventually had two twins; however, they were all killed, along with their mother, in Israeli airstrikes on Gaza.

Fact : In actuality, this is an old photo from Billingham, on Teesside in northeast England, where Lisa Kelly underwent her third IVF cycle in 2009 and became pregnant with quadruplets.

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