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Israel-Palestine Conflict- Old Image Of Israeli Child Killed By Terrorists Viral as Palestinian Child: Fact-Check

There have been several images circulated with the claim that these are the Palestinian children killed in Israeli strikes.

Verified accounts on twitter, including Tate News (“@TateNews_“) tweeted the picture of many Palestinian children who have been claimed to be killed by Israel. The image also shows the highlighted text “IT’S A GENOCIDE.” According to the shared image, approximately 300 Palestinian children were killed in 3 days. The user wrote to Free Palestine after attaching the picture. The tweet was made on Oct 12, 2023, which received an almost 370.5k views on X. It was further reposted by 3.4k user accounts on twitter.

What is the Actual Truth About the Viral Picture? : Fact

The child in the second picture, wearing a green t-shirt in the first row, is actually Israeli Ido Abigail from Sderot. He suffered serious injuries after a rocket fired from Gaza entered his family’s apartment’s safe room. Both his younger sister and mother suffered injuries in the assault. After the three were taken to the hospital, Ido passed away from his injuries in May 2021. He was only 5 years old. The other images also need to be verified. Ministry of Foreign Affairs published an article on May 12, 2021 where they shared the image of Ido Abigail, aged 5 years, from Sderot, was critically injured when a rocket penetrated the safe room of his family’s apartment.

D-Intent’s Fact-Checking Results:


Propagandists use out-of-context images of children to spread false accusations against Israel in their propaganda.


Claim : Several images of children have been circulated, with the claim that they are Palestinian children killed in Israeli strikes.

Fact : We found that the second image in the first row of a child wearing a green t-shirt is of a 5-year old Israeli, Ido Abigail from Sderot, who was critically injured when a rocket launched from Gaza penetrated the safe room of his family’s apartment. Both his mother and younger sister were injured in the attack. Ido died from his injuries in May 2021. Other images needs to ve verified as well.

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