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Israel-Palestine — USC vs. Cal U.S. College Football Game Delayed Due to Protestors Storming The Field to Call For Ceasefire In Gaza?

There’s a video spreading false information that the USC vs. Cal college football game has been postponed because protesters stormed the pitch demanding a ceasefire in Palestine.

Verified accounts on twitter, including @LarryDJonesJr tweeted “Here is how weak of a country we are now. We allow protesters to go out onto the field and delay the USC vs. Cal football game while they stage a sit-in calling for a ceasefire in Palestine. What happened to the day when security would chase them down and arrest them? We are so weak as a society, giving in to these woke liberal criminals. When will this end?” after sharing the 35-seconds clip of the incident. The tweet was made on Oct 29, 2023. It has received an about 16.4k views on X, contributing to the spread of the information to more number of users.

BAY AREA STATE OF MIND (“@YayAreaNews“) also claimed that a video circulated claiming that the USC vs. Cal college football game was postponed due to protestors storming the field to call for a ceasefire in Palestine. The tweet was made on Oct 29, 2023 and was reposted by 97 other user accounts. The tweet was later deleted.

What is the Real Truth About the Viral Video? : Fact

The truth is, because of a professor’s alleged suspension for stalking, protesters are delaying the Cal-USC game by sitting at the 50-yard line. Protesters wearing shirts that read “Justice for Ivonne” entered the field after the coin toss and took a seat there.

We visited NEW YORK POST which published an article on this incident on Oct 28, 2023 with the headline “Protesters sit at 50-yard line, delay Cal-USC game over professor’s reported stalking suspension”.

The demonstrators were allegedly referring to professor Ivonne del Valle, whose continuous suspension has allegedly become the focal point of a controversy on campus, according to the OC Register. The game began about fifteen minutes late because the protesters were taken out of California Memorial Stadium by police in handcuffs. According to KQED, Professor del Valle was suspended in the fall of 2021 for stalking and harassing Joshua Cover, a UC Davis professor of English and comparative literature, and disobeying orders not to get in touch with him.

In an interview with the outlet, Professor del Valle acknowledged that she was involved in a lot of the actions that the school’s investigative reports accuse her of doing. These actions included keying Clover’s car, damaging the area outside his apartment door, sharing an online photo of his partner, contacting his friends and leaving messages outside Clover’s mother’s house that included the phrase “I raised a psychopath.”

D-Intent’s Fact-Checking Results:


Users are sharing misleading news on Palestine to gain impressions using ongoing conflict.


Claim : Misinformation-spewing video claims that protesters storming the field to demand a ceasefire in Palestine is the reason behind the postponement of the USC vs. Cal college football game.

Fact : At the 50-yard line, protesters are delaying the Cal-USC game because of the professor who has been suspended for allegedly stalking people. Following the coin toss, demonstrators wore shirts that said “Justice for Ivonne” and moved into the field to take seats. Professor Ivonne del Valle, whose prolonged suspension has apparently become the focus of the campus controversy, was the subject of the protestors’ complaints.

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