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13-Year-Old Accused of Pushing Child of Minority Community into Pond: Unraveling the Truth

13-Year-Old Accused of Pushing Child of Minority Community into Pond: Unraveling the Truth

In recent times, social media has become a powerful platform for sharing information and news. However, with its widespread usage, there has also been an increase in the circulation of misleading and false content. One such incident has come to light, where propaganda accounts are sharing a CCTV video showing a boy pushing another child into a pond. These videos are being accompanied by claims that the deceased child belonged to a minority community, and the accused was from a majority community, suggesting a communal angle to the incident. But let’s delve deeper and uncover the real facts behind this tragic event.

The Incident Unraveled:

The distressing CCTV footage captures the unfortunate moment when a boy pushes another child into a pond full of water. False narratives were quickly attached to this incident, alleging that it was motivated by religious identity and communal tension. However, the reality is far from these misleading claims.

Upon closer examination, it is revealed that the 13-year-old accused, in fact, belongs to the same minority community as the deceased child. There is no evidence to suggest that this tragic event has anything to do with the accused’s religious identity or any communal conflict. The local authorities have taken swift action, registering a case against six family members and relatives of the accused.

Misleading Links and Their Impact:

The misinformation spread like wildfire through various social media channels. One of the misleading tweets that propagated the false communal narrative can be seen here: Misleading Tweet 1. It claimed to present the incident as a religiously motivated crime, further dividing communities.

Another deceptive tweet amplifying the false narrative can be found here: Misleading Tweet 2. These misleading links and their corresponding retweets played a significant role in creating tension and disharmony among different communities.

The Fact-Checking Process:

In the face of these misleading claims, fact-checking platforms like D-Intent stepped up to investigate the incident and expose the truth. Through rigorous verification and cross-referencing of reliable sources, D-Intent unearthed crucial evidence that debunked the false communal angle.

The comprehensive fact-checking report can be found here: Fact-Checking Report. The report reveals that the incident stemmed from a dispute and had nothing to do with religious or communal reasons.


The power of social media cannot be underestimated, and with this power comes great responsibility. The incident involving the boy pushing another child into a pond was a tragedy in itself, but the added false communal narrative made it even more distressing.

It is crucial for us as users of social media to be vigilant and discerning. Before sharing information, we must verify its authenticity from credible sources to prevent the spread of misinformation and maintain harmony in our communities.

Let this incident serve as a reminder of the impact misinformation can have on society and encourage us to promote a culture of responsible sharing and fact-checking. Together, we can combat false narratives and foster a more informed and united digital space.

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