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Manipuri Man Dies, Social Group Incorrectly Accuses Meitei Community of Murder

Manipuri Man Dies, Social Group Incorrectly Accuses Meitei Community of Murder

In the fast-paced era of social media, misinformation can spread like wildfire and incite fear, hatred, and even violence. A recent incident involving the death of a Manipuri man dies named Emmanuel is a perfect example of this. Emmanuel was traveling to Kerala by train and got into a quarrel with his co-passengers. Events took a turn for the worse when this personal altercation was twisted and presented out of context on social media platforms, leading to a false narrative.

Emmanuel alighted the train at Vedayapalem railway station and attacked some passengers. The victims quickly alerted the police, resulting in his capture. As he was being transferred to Venkatachala Satram police station, Emmanuel began behaving erratically, almost as if he were insane. At one point, he managed to free one end of the chain binding him and made a dash for it. Tragically, while attempting to escape, he fell from a significant height and died on the spot.

Misleading Link

This unfortunate incident could have ended there, but a tweet from a self-proclaimed social organization called KSO Pune attempted to manipulate the situation. They claimed that Emmanuel was murdered by people from the Meitei community outside the Manipur state. This misleading narrative not only obscured the truth but also ignited communal tension.

Fact Checking

But not all were taken in by this narrative. An organization known as D-Intent took the initiative to fact-check this incident. The results from their thorough investigation contradict the claims made by the social organization. According to a news article published by The Hindu, Emmanuel’s death was registered as a custodial death, and action was taken against the involved policemen.

The intentions of the social organization were evidently harmful. By circulating the false narrative, they were trying to fuel what is known as #ManipurViolence. It is alarming how easy it is to twist reality and create tension amongst communities with a single misleading tweet. It is essential to fact-check any news we come across, especially those that can ignite communal tensions.


In conclusion, the story of Emmanuel, the Manipuri man, is a potent example of the power of misinformation in our digital age. A narrative was constructed based on communal lines, and this incorrect version of events was shared across social platforms. This narrative was not only incorrect but also potentially damaging, as it could lead to increased tensions and violence. The incident underscores the importance of responsible social media use, comprehensive fact-checking, and the impact of falsehoods on social harmony.

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