NDTV Poll of Polls Gives Majority To Congress in Telangana? Fact-Check 

Workers for the Congress party are spreading rumours that an NDTV Poll of Polls indicates Congress has a majority in Telangana.

Verified accounts on twitter, including Supriya Shrinate (“@SupriyaShrinate“) claimed that @INCIndia is about to record a momentous victory. The user added, the results of the NDTV Poll of Polls support what the people are witnessing in Telangana.

𝐏𝐨𝐥𝐥 𝐨𝐟 𝐏𝐨𝐥𝐥𝐬

◆INC: 68–76
◆BJP: 3–5.
◆BRS: 30-35
◆AIMIM: 5-7
◆IND: 2-4

It claimed that out of total 119 seats, 60 are occupied by Congress in the Poll of Polls as predicted, which is the majority.

Surbhi (“@SurrbhiM“), a Congress Supporter, tweeted that Congress wins a majority in the polls conducted by NDTV in Telangana. Due to a strong anti-incumbency movement against the KCR government, the majority of Opinion Polls predict that BRS is about to suffer their largest defeat in Telangana. With a potential for 75 seats, the NDTV Poll of Polls Tracker predicted a historic victory for the Congress Party. The tweet was made on Nov 27, 2023.

According to Rohini Anand (“@mrs_roh08“), NDTV Poll gives Majority to Congress in TELANGANA. The Grand daughter of late Union Minister & 7 times MP also tweeted the hashtag #Congress75inTelangana in the twitter post. The post was further reposted by more than 150 user accounts.

Several other users, some of which are verified accounts, including Madhusudhan Reddy (“@TheMsReddy“), @Queen_Luccy, @DrKalyani_INC claimed the same that the Congress Party is expected to win a majority in Telangana, according to NDTV’s Poll of Polls. All of the twitter posts were reposted by many accounts on X, contributing to the spread of the news. The archive can be read from above.

What is the Actual Truth About the NDTV’s Poll of Polls? : Fact

In actuality, this news is false. It has been clarified by NDTV that it has not conducted any polls for Telangana 2023. This could be the average of all existing exit polls or from any other source other than NDTV.

Legislative Assembly elections are scheduled to be held in Telangana on 30 November 2023. Fake news are getting circulated before the elections.

NDTV (“@ndtv“) clarified in a twitter post that this news is fake and alerted all the users whoever claimed that Congress Party is expected to win a majority in Telangana as per the prediction of NDTV’s Poll of Polls. They tweeted “#FakeNewsAlert | NDTV has not carried any poll of polls for #Telangana2023. Please don’t spread fake news. For fastest and most accurate election results, do log on to http://ndtv.com on Sunday” after sharing the picture from the misleading tweet @SupriyaShrinate. The post was made on X today. It reached to an almost 432.3k views and reposted by 670 other user accounts.

D-Intent’s Fact-Checking Results:


Political workers are spreading fabricated stories in the name of NDTV in order to influence the ongoing assembly elections in various states.


Claim : Congress party workers are spreading rumours that an NDTV Polls of polls indicates Congress has a majority in Telangana.

Fact: The claim here is, in fact, false. For Telangana 2023, NDTV made it clear that it has not conducted any polls.

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