Israel-Palestine Conflict- Old Video Of Students Of Al-Azhar University In Egypt Protesting Against Govt Being Linked To Palestine: Fact-Check

A video of Corpses is being circulated in connection with the ongoing Israel Palestine Conflict.

@MeghUpdates tweeted the one minute and forty seven seconds video with the caption “Al Jazeera Pre-Shooting preparations”. The tweet was made on Oct 28, 2023. The post went viral and reached to an almost 574.1k views on X.

Verified profiles, including Ateist TV (“@Ateist_TV“) questioned the users that either “dead bodies” are being resurrected in front of everyone, or the Arabs are making some really excellent propaganda by making a tweet on Nov 1, 2023. The tweet was further reposted by more than 1k user accounts.

Several other user accounts, including Azzat Alsalem (“@AzzatAlsaalem“) also made the same claim by tweeting “Either Palestinians are making very good propaganda or “dead bodies” are being resurrected in front of everyone!”. The user believed that the video is related to the ongoing conflict and spread the news to several other twitter users. The archive can be read from above.

What is the Actual Truth About the Video? : Fact

The truth is that this video was made in Egypt in 2013. It depicts a protest organised by Al-Azhar University students.

In a symbolic act of protest, the students pretended to be dead in opposition to the Egyptian government.

The video was posted in a youtube channel on Oct 28, 2013. This clearly shows that the viral video of Corpses as claimed, is not from the current war between Israel and Hamas.

Check out the full video here:

D-Intent’s Fact-Checking Results:


Users are making fake claims about the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine by sharing out-of-context videos in an attempt to gain impressions.


Claim : The recent Israel Palestine Conflict is being linked to a video that shows corpses.

Fact : This video was actually shot in Egypt in 2013. It depicts a protest organised by Al-Azhar University students. To protest the Egyptian government, the students pretended to be dead (symbolically).

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