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Brahman Forced Dalits (Musahars) of Bihar to Eat Only Rats? Fact-Check

There are news reports purporting to show that the caste oppression of Brahman compelled the Dalits of Bihar to subsist on rats. Brahmans forced people to follow “diet” restrictions in order to weaken them. But, these assertions are unfounded and untrue.

Sikhs are not Hindu (“@akaal_sewak“) tweeted “Caste oppression of Brahman forced Dalits of Bihar to feed only on RATS. Brahmans created “diet”restrictions on people to make them weak” on Dec 20. 2023. The tweet has received an about more than 1k views on X.

Several other accounts, including @pappa_baman_ka made the same claim that Bihari Dalits were compelled to eat only rat food due to Brahmin caste oppression. The “dietary” restrictions imposed on people by Brahmins had the purpose to weaken them. All they could eat were rats, and they were given the name Musahari. The archive can be read from above.

What is the Actual Truth About this Incident? : Fact

The truth is that they choose to eat rats on their own will and no one makes them do so because of their caste. The term “Musahars,” which means “rat eaters” or “rat catchers,” refers to these individuals. They are not subject to any dietary restrictions, and they are below the poverty.

Musahar [ Musa + har ] means rat taker or rat eater as per the detailed document uploaded by the nhrc.

We visited Arab News, which published an article on this incident on December 7, 2017 with the headline “The ‘rat eaters’ of Bihar: India’s poorest people?”. It clarified that Phekan belongs to one of India’s most marginalised communities, the 2.5 million-strong Musahars, also known as “Rat Eaters.” Even the low-caste Dalits, who are browbeaten, look down on them. abp Live posted the article on March 21, 2023 with the headline “Deprived, Discriminated, Othered: Story Of Musahars, The ‘Rat Eaters’, And The Challenge Of Changing Their Life”.

They now have Maha Dalit status from the state government, making them qualified for a number of government programmes. However, more work must undoubtedly be done to assist that community.

ALJAZEERA clarified this in the article with the headline “In Pictures: The ‘rat eaters’ of India”.

D-Intent’s Fact-Checking Results:


Propagandists are circulating false claims to set their hateful narrative based on caste. Several users have claimed on social media that that the Bihari Dalits were compelled to feed only rats due to Brahman’s caste oppression. In order to weaken people, Brahmans imposed “diet” restrictions on them. They are unfounded and untrue claims.After proper research, analysis and fact-checking, we have discovered that In actuality, they eat rats of their own free will and are not coerced into doing so by anyone on the basis of caste.These individuals go by the name Musahars, which translates to “rat eaters” or “rat catchers.” They do not have any dietary restrictions placed on them, they are below the poverty. They now qualify for a number of government programmes since the state government granted them the status of Maha Dalit. But, ofcourse, more work is required to assist that community.


Fact : The truth is, they eat rats of their own free will; no one compel them to do so because of their caste. It literally means “rat eaters” or “rat catchers” to refer to these people as “Musahars.” They don’t have any dietary restrictions, they are in fact below poverty. Their eligibility for various government schemes has been enhanced by the state government’s awarding of Maha Dalit status. Nonetheless, supporting that community undoubtedly requires more work.

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