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Video Of Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi Feeding Biscuits To a Dog Went Viral With Misleading Claims: Fact-Check

There is a video circulating of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi that purports to show him attempting to feed a dog a biscuit, but the dog refused it when it was given to congress workers.

@Shehzad_Ind tweeted “This is why nobody with self respect can stay in Congress.. today Himanta Sharma ji has been vindicated… Rahul first offers biscuit to dog When dog refuses he gives the same biscuit to Congress karyakarta Glad people like Himanta ji & me had too much dignity to remain here & be treated like dogs ! Shameful congress culture to treat everyone like slaves and dogs of first family” on Feb 6, 2024. The tweet has received an about 353.2k views on X.

Another tweet was made by @Shehzad_Ind, where he said “No “nyay” for Congress karyakartas? Rejected dog biscuits are fed to karyakartas by Rahul Gandhi! Elitist mindset of first family” on Feb 6, 2024.

Several other accounts, including @alokdubey1408, @Mahaveer_VJ, @shashank_ssj made the same claim that Rahul Gandhi offered those biscuits to the Congress Workers, which was refused by a dog when he tried to feed him. The archive can be read from above.

What is the Actual Truth About this Incident? : Fact

Actually, the owner of the dog received the biscuit so he could give it to the dog.

@PTI_News tweeted “VIDEO | “The dog and the owner came to me. The dog was shivering and frightened. So I gave the dog a biscuit but he got scared. Then, I gave the dog’s owner the biscuit,” says Congress MP Rahul Gandhi (@RahulGandhi), responding to a media query about his viral video. He added, “No, he is not a Congress worker. I don’t know what’s their (BJP’s) obsession with dogs.” ” on Feb 6, 2024. The tweet post shared the statements made by Rahul Gandhi regarding the incident.

D-Intent’s Fact-Checking Results:


Political influencers are circulating videos of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi with false claims to target him and his party. A video of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is being circulated claiming that Rahul Gandhi was trying to feed a biscuit to a dog when the dog rejected it was offered to congress workers. In actuality, the dog’s owner received the biscuit so he could feed the dog.


Fact : The truth is that the biscuit was given to the dog’s owner, so that he could feed the dog.

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