On social media, a sensitive video or picture of a young girl is making the rounds. The video is making headlines with the allegation that the girl was beaten up in an Iranian school for not properly wearing her hijab.

Verified accounts on twitter, including Monica Verma (“@TrulyMonica“) tweeted “Little girl bleeding after getting hit in Iran. Her fault? She didn’t wear Hijab. “Hijab is a choice” is the biggest scam of our times” on Feb 22, 2023. The tweet has received an about 371.5k views on X.

Several other accounts, including @AlinejadMasih, Jyot Jeet (“@activistjyot“), @khiyar_shoor, @Daffodil27 made the same claim that the girl did not cover her hair properly with hijab and thus was brutally beaten up in an Iranian school. The girl extremely suffered in pain due to this, according to the users. The archive can be read from above.

The incident once again went viral and resurfaced on the social media in the year of 2024. Azzat Alsalem (“@AzzatAlsaalem“) tweeted “This little girl,Sara Shirazi, was assaulted under lsIamic regime over ‘improper hijab’. #NoHijabDay” and shared the image of the girl on Feb 1, 2024. The tweet went viral and received an about 42.1k views on X, contributing to the spreads of the information.

What is the Actual Truth About this Incident? : Fact

The truth, however, is that two students got into a fight after school break. According to Iranian media, the mother of one of the students got into an argument and pushed the other girl student to protect her child. It is not related to the hijab. Police moved and took the action, arresting the accused mother.

An article was published by Varandaz regarding this incident with the headline “The harsh revenge of the student’s mother on the poor Isfahani girl A fight between two students reached the heartbroken mother”. This news article clarified that the girl was injured by one mother as she arrived and hit her when there was an argument between the two students.

D-Intent’s Fact-Checking Results:


Users from different countries sharing out of context video/news without knowing actual fact.They are trying to connect this separate unfortunate Incident with ongoing #IranRevolution. A sensitive video/image of a minor girl is being circulated on social media. The video is being circulated with the claim that the girl was beaten up for not wearing her #hijab properly in a school in Iran. But, after proper research, analysis and fact-checking, we discovered that two students got into a fight, as reported by Iranian media. One student’s mother pushed another student during the argument to defend her child after school break. It is unrelated to the hijab. The accused mother was taken into custody by the police.


Fact : According to Iranian media, there was a fight between two students, and afterthe school break mother of one student got into an argument in defense of her child and pushed another girl student. It has actually nothing to do with hijab. Police took the action and arrested the accused mother.

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