“Caste-based violence rears its ugly head in Bilaspur: Two Scheduled Caste boys brutally beaten, Indian government under fire for failing to tackle casteism”Read Factcheck

ANALYSIS: Misleading

Misleading Tweet:

FACT: An account from Pakistan impersonating as Human Rights organisation continuously spreading old video with false claim this time shared old video from Chhattisgarh in which a group of young men can be seen beating up two boys. The video has been shared with fake claim that victims belong to Dalit caste and were beaten up because of caste discrimination.Fact is that these boys were beaten up on the allegations of theft.Nothing to do with caste or religion.The incident took place in Dagniya village of Bilaspur district, Chhattisgarh in August 2022. Action was taken against all the accused involved in the incident.

Source: www.bhaskar.com, PoliceBilaspur

INTENT: Anti-India propaganda spreader sharing old video with false claim to create unrest and disinformation in the country.

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