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“Child Endures Horrific Abuse at the Hands of Priest: Calls for Accountability and Action Against Child Abuse in Religious Settings” READ FACTCHECK

ANALYSIS: Misleading

Misleading Tweet: @ambedkariteIND, @naman_ltt

FACT: A video is being circulated on social media in which a man can be seen pouring milk on a child, the video has been shared with misleading claim that a priest poured boiling milk on a child on the name of God, Fact is this is a traditional ritual named “Karaha Pujan” of Ahir , Gadariya ,Yadav (all 3 OBC community) in Eastern Uttar Pradesh. During the celebration of the “Karaha Pujan” The father bathes his child with warm milk ,after that father also takes a bath using that milk. Around the world every religion do exercise such rituals.This is obviously concerning and child safety should be top priorities.We hope those accounts concerned about “Karha Pujan”, will take simmilar approach against other incidents too.

Source: , कराहा पूजा- Karaha Pooja Facebook page, कराहा पूजा- Karaha Pooja Facebook page,,

NTENT: Hate and misinformation propaganda spreaders sharing video of a traditional ritual of a perticular community and targeting a religion.They forgot to mention this rituals only celebrated by few OBC communities.

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