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D-Intent Fact Checks Video of Men Brutally Thrashing Helpless Man

D-Intent Fact Checks Video of Men Brutally Thrashing Helpless Man

In recent times, social media has become a platform where information spreads rapidly, sometimes without proper verification. One such incident caught the attention of netizens – a sensitive video depicting a group of men brutally thrashing a helpless man while some of them appeared to be urinating on him. The video was shared with a claim that Hindu upper caste men had targeted a Dalit man. However, this claim turned out to be misleading. In this blog, we will delve into the incident, explore the misleading links that contributed to the spread of misinformation, and discuss how D-Intent conducted fact-checking to uncover the truth.

The Incident in Detail:

The video in question caused outrage and drew widespread condemnation due to its apparent brutality. However, a closer look at the incident revealed a different story. According to the police investigation, the victim and the accused were not strangers; in fact, they had been friends since childhood. Both of them had a history of more than 50 cases of theft, and they had been arrested several times in the past.

On a fateful day, a dispute arose between the victim, Naveen, and the accused, Ramanjaneyulu, over a relationship with a girl. To resolve the matter, Ramanjaneyulu invited Naveen to an isolated location, where they consumed alcohol together. Unfortunately, this encounter took a violent turn, as Ramanjaneyulu and eight others began to thrash Naveen mercilessly. It is crucial to note that the dispute and the subsequent assault had nothing to do with caste or religion. The incident occurred on 19th June in Ongole city, Prakasam district, Andhra Pradesh.

While it is undeniable that the act was deplorable and those responsible should be held accountable, it is equally important not to misconstrue the incident as caste-based violence.

Misleading Links and Their Impact:

The situation escalated when several Twitter handles and accounts shared the video with misleading claims, further fueling tensions and perpetuating false narratives. One such tweet from an account with the handle @ambedkariteIND garnered significant attention. The tweet claimed that the video depicted an incident of Hindu upper caste men attacking a Dalit man, adding a casteist angle to the story.

Another misleading tweet from the same account @ambedkariteIND presented a distorted version of the incident, which contributed to the spread of misinformation.

Additionally, the account @Abdulla_Alamadi shared the video with similar misleading claims, triggering strong reactions from social media users.

Furthermore, the account @manishkumarttp added to the misinformation by disseminating the video without verifying the facts.

These misleading links, shared by various accounts, contributed to the spread of misinformation and added a casteist angle to the incident, sparking anger and unrest among people.

D-Intent’s Fact-Checking Results:

Amidst the turmoil caused by the misleading links, D-Intent, a reputed fact-checking organization, took the responsibility of investigating the incident to uncover the truth. Their in-depth analysis and research brought to light the actual sequence of events. Through their fact-checking process, D-Intent verified information from credible sources and presented an unbiased account of the incident.

One of the fact-checking sources that D-Intent used to verify the incident is India Today. The report provided authentic details that aligned with the police investigation, confirming that the incident had no connection with caste-based violence.


The incident of men brutally thrashing a helpless man is undeniably distressing. However, it is crucial to approach such incidents with factual accuracy and avoid falling prey to misleading claims. The dissemination of misinformation can lead to disharmony and deepen divides within society. D-Intent’s fact-checking efforts have demonstrated the importance of verifying information from reliable sources before drawing conclusions.

In an age where information spreads rapidly through social media, let us all be responsible consumers of news and information. Let us strive for a society where truth prevails over propaganda and where empathy and understanding unite us as one.

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