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debunked: viral video falsely linked to france riots exposed as florida bar crawl
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Debunked: Viral Video Falsely Linked to France Riots Exposed as Florida Bar Crawl

In the age of social media, misinformation can spread like wildfire. Every now and then, we come across tweets, images, and videos that capture our attention, but it’s important to fact-check them before drawing any conclusions. Recently, a video claiming to be related to the France riots exposed as florida bar crawl went viral on Twitter. However, our team at D-Intent Data, a fact-checking organization, conducted a thorough investigation and found that the video has been misattributed. Let’s delve into the details and uncover the truth.

Misleading Tweets and Video:

A tweet from the user @ninnyd101 shared a video of a group of people in uniforms disembarking from a van, suggesting a connection to the France riots. The tweet gained significant traction, leading to further shares and speculation. However, our fact-checking process revealed a different story.

Fact Check Findings:

Upon further examination, we discovered that the viral video has absolutely nothing to do with the France riots. In fact, the footage is from a Florida State University (FSU) bar crawl, which has been available on TikTok for over two months.

Our team verified the authenticity of the video by analyzing various sources, including the TikTok account of user @payten.williams.1 . The archived video clearly shows a group of individuals enjoying a bar crawl at FSU, not engaging in any violent or riotous activities. Additionally, we explored the TikTok discover pages related to Florida State University bar crawls. These pages feature numerous videos documenting the vibrant and fun atmosphere of such events.

Intent Behind Misleading Content:

It is evident that the users circulating these old videos from Florida with false claims of being from the French riots have malicious intent. Their goal is to fuel violence, attract attention, and generate clickbait. This tactic is not only misleading but also contributes to the spread of misinformation, which can have serious consequences.


Misinformation can have a significant impact on public perception, especially when it comes to sensitive topics like riots. In this case, we have debunked the false connection between the viral video and the #FranceRiots. The video actually depicts a France riots exposed as florida bar crawl, not the unrest in France.

At D-Intent Data, we remain committed to unraveling the truth and combatting the dissemination of misleading information. Our fact-checking process, which involves verifying sources and analyzing evidence, ensures that the public receives accurate information.

Remember, before believing or sharing viral content, it’s crucial to pause, verify, and rely on trusted sources for accurate information.

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