Differentiating Between Genuine Incidents and Staged Acts of Unity

In today’s digital age, where information travels at lightning speed, social media platforms have become breeding grounds for both genuine and fabricated stories. Such is the case with a recent video circulating on various social media platforms, depicting a heartwarming scene where a Muslim couple is seen assisting a Hindu priest and a child after an epileptic seizure. However, upon thorough investigation, it has been revealed that the video is not an authentic incident but rather a scripted creation by a YouTube channel called “3RD EYE.” This article aims to shed light on the prevalence of misinformation propaganda spreaders who share scripted unity videos under the guise of real incidents to further their own agenda.

The Viral Video:

The video in question initially captured the attention of numerous social media users due to its emotionally charged content, seemingly demonstrating interfaith harmony. It portrayed a Muslim couple rushing to the aid of a Hindu priest who had suffered an epilepsy attack while holding a child. The compassionate act portrayed in the video resonated with viewers across various communities, leading to its rapid dissemination across social media platforms.

Unmasking the Truth:

However, diligent research and investigation revealed that the video was not a spontaneous act of unity but a staged production by a YouTube channel known as “3RD EYE.” The creators behind the video confessed that their intention was to raise social awareness through a scripted scenario that showcased interfaith harmony. Unfortunately, the video was mistakenly shared by numerous individuals without proper fact-checking, causing it to be misconstrued as a genuine incident.

Misinformation Propaganda:

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the prevalence of misinformation propaganda spreaders on social media platforms. These individuals or groups aim to manipulate public sentiment by sharing content that aligns with their specific narrative or agenda. The dissemination of scripted unity videos masquerading as real incidents is just one example of their deceptive tactics.

Impact and Consequences:

The consequences of sharing scripted videos as real incidents can be far-reaching and damaging. Such acts not only deceive the public but also erode trust among diverse communities. By exploiting people’s emotions and manipulating their perceptions, misinformation propagandists further deepen societal divisions and hinder genuine efforts towards unity and harmony.

The Importance of Critical Thinking and Fact-Checking:

In the era of information overload, it is crucial for individuals to exercise critical thinking and verify the authenticity of the content they encounter on social media. Fact-checking platforms and reliable sources play a vital role in combating the spread of misinformation. By equipping ourselves with the necessary tools to discern truth from falsehood, we can contribute to a more informed and responsible digital society.


While the initial allure of the video featuring a Muslim couple aiding a Hindu priest and a child during an epilepsy attack may have touched the hearts of many, it is vital to differentiate between scripted productions and genuine incidents. The unfortunate reality is that misinformation propagandists exploit our collective desire for unity and harmony by circulating staged videos as real events. By remaining vigilant, fact-checking diligently, and promoting critical thinking, we can safeguard ourselves against falling prey to such deceptive tactics and foster a more informed and inclusive society.

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