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Dissecting the Fatehgarh Fight: Unraveling Misleading Claims and Unveiling Intent
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Dissecting the Fatehgarh Fight: Unraveling Misleading Claims and Unveiling Intent

In a recent incident that unfolded in Fatehgarh, a video capturing a violent brawl has been circulating on social media platforms. The video is accompanied by a misleading claim that a group of miscreants invaded a house, assaulted individuals, vandalized the property, and subjected girls to a distressing ordeal. Shockingly, despite several distress calls, the police allegedly failed to respond promptly. However, a closer examination reveals a different narrative altogether, pointing to a personal dispute or enmity between two parties. This blog post aims to dissect the incident, expose the misleading tweets, shed light on the fact-checking conducted by D-Intent, and unravel the true intent behind the circulation of this video of Fatehgarh Fight.

The Incident:

On [date], an altercation erupted between two parties in Fatehgarh. The incident, originally claimed to be an invasion and assault, unfolded due to a personal dispute or enmity. It is essential to set the record straight and prevent the dissemination of false information that can potentially sow panic and mislead the public.

Misleading Tweets:

One of the first tweets that gained traction was posted by Rahul Gupta (@RahulGu03061713), who shared the video with a misleading description of the events. Gupta’s tweet falsely asserted that miscreants had forcefully entered a house, subjected individuals to physical assault, vandalized the property, and subjected girls to a horrifying experience. The misleading tweet aimed to stir emotions and fuel resentment towards the local administration. (archive)

Fact-Checking by D-Intent:

In response to the misleading claims, the Fatehgarh police took to Twitter to provide accurate information regarding the incident. They clarified that the altercation was not an unprovoked attack but rather a result of a personal dispute or enmity between two parties. The police further stressed that the video was being circulated with false claims to target the administration and create panic among the general public. (archive)

Intent Behind the Incident:

The circulation of this video with misleading claims raises questions about the intent behind its dissemination. By distorting the events and presenting them in a manner that demonizes the administration, the perpetrators aim to undermine public trust in law enforcement. The intent behind such actions is to create an atmosphere of fear and distrust, potentially inciting further tensions and unrest within the community.


In the era of rapid information dissemination through social media, it is crucial to exercise caution and verify claims before jumping to conclusions. The Fatehgarh fight incident serves as a stark reminder of the need for responsible sharing and fact-checking. Misleading tweets, such as the one posted by Rahul Gupta, can easily sway public opinion and stir unwarranted emotions. Organizations like D-Intent play a vital role in countering misinformation and ensuring the dissemination of accurate information.

As readers, we have a responsibility to scrutinize the information we encounter online, especially when it pertains to sensitive matters. By fostering a culture of critical thinking and promoting the practice of fact-checking, we can collectively combat misinformation and preserve the integrity of online discourse.

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