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Debunking Allegations of a Violent Fight with House Invasion, Assaults, and Police Negligence
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Misleading Video Sparks Controversy, Prompting Fact-Checking Efforts by Kanpur Police

In the era of social media, misinformation spreads like wildfire, often fueled by individuals with malicious intent. Recently, a video of a violent brawl surfaced on various platforms, accompanied by false claims that no action had been taken against the accused. However, a closer investigation by the Kanpur police revealed that the video was not recent, but rather a recording from 2021. This incident highlights the urgent need for fact-checking and critical thinking to combat the dissemination of false information. Let’s delve into the chain of events surrounding this misleading video and the efforts to address the situation.

The Video’s Emergence and False Claims:

On a popular microblogging site, Twitter, a user named Kalamkashornew2 posted a video depicting a group of young men engaged in a brawl. Among them, one man is seen carrying a pistol during the altercation. The user’s caption accompanied the video with a claim that no action had been taken against the individuals involved, insinuating negligence on the part of the administration. The tweet quickly gained attention, receiving numerous retweets and comments, leading to the further propagation of misinformation. (Archive)

Another Twitter account, AbpGangaup, further amplified the misleading narrative by sharing the same video, supporting the claim that no action had been taken against the accused (2). The false claims began to gain traction and stir public outrage, prompting a deeper investigation by the authorities. (Archive)

Fact-Checking and Verification:

Recognizing the potential impact of misinformation on public perception, the Kanpur police swiftly intervened to verify the authenticity and timeline of the video. Through careful examination and analysis, the authorities determined that the video was, in fact, an old recording from 2021, falsely portrayed as a recent incident. (Archive)

To counteract the spread of misinformation, the Kanpur police used their official Twitter account to address the situation. They shared a tweet clarifying the video’s age and refuting the claims made by the misinformed social media users. The police urged the public to exercise caution and refrain from spreading unverified information that could harm the reputation of individuals or institutions.

The Impact of Misinformation:

The circulation of false information, particularly with regards to law enforcement and administration, can have severe consequences. In this case, the misleading claims aimed to undermine public trust in the effectiveness of the Kanpur police and create a negative perception of their ability to handle criminal incidents. Misinformation campaigns can disrupt the functioning of institutions, incite fear among citizens, and even jeopardize the safety and well-being of individuals involved.

The Importance of Fact-Checking:

As we navigate an increasingly interconnected world, it is crucial to adopt critical thinking and fact-checking practices. Misinformation, if left unchecked, can easily lead to the distortion of reality and the erosion of public trust. In this particular incident, the Kanpur police’s prompt response and efforts to debunk the false claims played a vital role in setting the record straight.


Misinformation poses a significant threat to the fabric of our society, and incidents like the one surrounding the circulated video highlight the importance of responsible social media usage. It is imperative that we, as individuals, exercise caution when sharing information and verify the credibility of sources before perpetuating false narratives. Fact-checking initiatives and the collaborative effort between authorities and the public are crucial in combating misinformation and preserving the integrity of our institutions. Let us remain vigilant, committed to the truth, and strive to build an informed society for all.

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