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Fact-Check: Video of French fantasy film “Ricky 2009” circulated as an actual incident

Recently, a video that shows a woman giving birth to an extraordinary child. Who has wings on his upper back and flying in the air has gone viral on social media. The video of a child born with wings and flying in the air has been shared. And projected it as an actual incident. Although, D-Intent Data has found that these claims are false and baseless, the video is from a French fantasy film “Ricky 2009”.

Video of French fantasy film “Ricky 2009” disseminated with false claims

Users have shared the video and projected it as a real incident. In the age of social media, it has become a trend to spread misleading news and false claims to attract views and engagement. Sharing the video a user @lalitjyani98 on X( Formerly Twitter) said, “it is a miracle of God”.

Research, analysis and fact-check: Identifying French fantasy film Ricky 2009 as source of viral video

As soon as the video came to our knowledge, we tried to find if the claims are true or false. In order to verify the claims, we did a reverse image search of some key frames from the viral video on Google which led us to several reports available on the internet regarding the viral video. We found that the visuals are from a French fantasy movie “Ricky” 2009,. The claims made by users on social media are not true.

Ricky” is a French fantasy-drama film released in 2009, directed by François Ozon. It tells the story of a single mother who gives birth to a baby boy, Ricky, Who has unusual abilities, such as wings on upper back and flying in the air.

Hence, D-Intent Data Fact-Check makes it clear that the viral video is from a 2009 French film called “Ricky” and has nothing to do with reality. Indeed the video is intresting but not real.


Influencers circulate movie scenes as a real incident video to get the spotlight on social media.


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