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Fact-Checking Viral Tweets: Debunking False Claims of Children's Deaths Due to Milk Consumption
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Fact-Checking Viral Tweets: Debunking False Claims of Children’s Deaths Due to Milk Consumption

In today’s age of social media, information spreads like wildfire, often without proper verification. Misleading tweets, images, and videos can cause panic and confusion among the public. It is crucial to separate fact from fiction and expose misinformation. In this blog, we will dive into a recent incident where false news about the deaths of 15 children in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, due to consuming poisonous or impure milk has been circulating. We will explore how D-Intent Data, a fact-checking organization, played a crucial role in debunking these claims about children’s deaths due to milk consumption.

The Misleading Tweets:

Two Twitter accounts, namely @AAPMPOfficial and @Ramashankarsh19, shared tweets claiming that 15 children died at MTH Hospital in Indore after consuming poisonous or impure milk. These tweets aimed to create panic and target the government for political gains. Let’s examine the facts behind these misleading claims.

Fact-Checking the Claims:

D-Intent Data swiftly took action to assess the veracity of these tweets. They investigated the incident and gathered information from reliable sources to provide an accurate account of what happened.

The Clarification by the Administration:

The administration of Indore clarified that no such incident occurred. They stated that two newborn babies died on Thursday. One premature baby had an infection of septicemia, and milk entered the lungs, while another child died of pneumonia. The news of 15 children’s deaths due to consuming milk was proven to be false and baseless.

D-Intent Data’s Findings:

D-Intent Data played a crucial role in fact-checking these misleading claims. They examined the information provided by the administration, verified it with additional sources, and cross-checked it with eyewitness accounts and hospital records. Through their rigorous fact-checking process, D-Intent Data concluded that the news circulating on social media was entirely false.

Supporting Evidence:

To strengthen their findings, D-Intent Data referred to tweets from reliable sources that debunked the false claims. The Twitter accounts @JansamparkMP and @IndoreCollector posted clarifications, providing accurate information about the incident. These tweets supported the administration’s statement, further discrediting the misleading tweets.

Additionally, a news article from, a reputable news outlet, was referenced. The article highlighted the claims of death due to spoiled milk and the police’s response. It confirmed that no such incident occurred, reinforcing the fact-checked conclusion.


In the era of viral misinformation, fact-checking organizations like D-Intent Data play a vital role in debunking false claims and providing accurate information to the public. In the case of the misleading tweets regarding the children’s deaths due to milk consumption in Indore, D-Intent Data’s investigation revealed the truth. The administration’s clarification, along with supporting evidence from reliable sources, discredited the false claims spread by @AAPMPOfficial and @Ramashankarsh19.

It is crucial for social media users to exercise caution and verify information before sharing it. Misleading tweets can cause unnecessary panic and harm reputations. By relying on fact-checking organizations and trusted sources, we can ensure the dissemination of accurate information and combat the spread of misinformation.

Remember, the truth matters, and responsible sharing is the key to a well-informed society.

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