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Fact-Checking Viral Tweets: Debunking Misinformation About the Alcazar Library Fire
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Fact-Checking Viral Tweets: Debunking Misinformation About the Alcazar Library Fire

In the age of social media, misinformation can spread like wildfire. Viral tweets, images, and videos often capture public attention, but it is crucial to verify their accuracy before drawing conclusions. One such incident involves a video that claims to show the historic Alcazar Library in Marseille, France, being burned down by rioters. However, a careful examination of the facts reveals a different story. This blog aims to shed light on the incident, debunk the misleading claims, and highlight the role of D-Intent Data in fact-checking these viral posts about Alcazar Library Fire.

The Claim and the Video

A video has been circulating on social media platforms, particularly Twitter, with the claim that the rioters destroyed the Alcazar Library in Marseille, France. The video shows a massive fire engulfing a building, leading viewers to believe that it is the library in question. However, this claim has been proven false through fact-checking.

Debunking the Misleading Tweets

Let’s examine some of the misleading tweets that contributed to the dissemination of false information:

Twitter user @Animus_Diagolon shared the video, claiming it to be the Alcazar Library in Marseille [^1^].

User @mamun7i also posted the same video, perpetuating the false claim [^2^].

@NotADirtyDem joined the misinformation campaign by sharing the video without verifying its authenticity [^3^].

Fact-Checking the Claim

Upon investigation, it was discovered that the shared video is not from France at all. Instead, it originated from the Philippines, where a devastating fire broke out at the historic Manila Central Post Office in May 2023. The video captured the intense flames and smoke billowing from the Philippine capital city. It is essential to differentiate between the Alcazar Library incident and the Manila Central Post Office fire.

Verifying the Facts

To debunk the false claims and establish the truth, several reliable sources were consulted. Here are the fact-checking references that confirm the video is not related to the Alcazar Library incident:

A YouTube video titled “Massive Fire at Manila Central Post Office” provides a firsthand account of the fire incident in the Philippines [^4^].

CNN reported on the fire at the Manila Central Post Office, providing additional details about the incident [^5^]. offers information about the Bibliotheque de l’Alcazar in Marseille, France, confirming that the library was attacked but survived the incident [^6^].

The Role of D-Intent Data in Fact-Checking

In combating the spread of misinformation, organizations like D-Intent Data play a crucial role. By analyzing social media posts and assessing their credibility, D-Intent Data helps identify misleading content. In this case, the misinformation propaganda accounts were deliberately circulating the video of the Manila fire, falsely claiming it to be the Alcazar Library in Marseille. This deceitful act aimed to fuel violence and mislead the public.


Misinformation can have severe consequences, fueling violence and creating panic among the public. The viral video claiming that the Alcazar Library in Marseille, France, was burned down by rioters has been debunked. The video actually shows the fire at the Manila Central Post Office in the Philippines. Fact-checking plays a crucial role in combatting the spread of misleading information. D-Intent Data, along with reliable sources, helps assess the credibility of viral content, ensuring that the truth prevails. It is essential for individuals to be cautious, verify claims, and rely on trustworthy sources before accepting viral posts at face value.

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