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FACTCHCEK: “Rising Restrictions on Muslims in India: Government Fines and Bans Taraweeh Prayer Held in Private Residence Without Disturbing Neighbors”

ANALYSIS: Misleading

FACT:Many people spreading news with false claim that UP police stopped people while offering religious prayers inside their house on the complaint of Hindu organisations. According to Muradabad police Mr. Zakir Hussain organised an event to perform religious prayers (Tarawih) at his godown on March 25,which people from different communities objected.Police reached the spot and the religious prayer was performed in the presence of police. After completing prayers,the people present on the spot were instructed to do this program collectively in pre-marked religious places according to traditional customs or individually in their homes. The owner of the building Mr. Zakir Hussain has given his written consent to the police.

INTENT: Hate and misinformation propaganda spreaders sharing news with false claim to mislead people, and trying to create communal unrest in the state.



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