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#FACTCHECK-CLAIM”Modi’s Home Minister says the mass killing of 2000 Muslims in Gujarat, India in 2002 was done to teach minorities a Lesson!”

ANALYSIS: Misleading

FACT:Many political leaders,social activist & so called intellectuals including media outlets are misquoting statement given by Union Home Minister Amit Shah in Gujarat,these people are claiming that he meant BJP taught lesson to minorities in 2002 Fact is that Union Home Minister Amit Shah said Rioters in Gujarat were taught such a lesson by the BJP in 2002 that they have not dared to raise their heads till now”Union Home Minister Amit Shah said his party brought “permanent peace” to the state
INTENT: Political opportunists and Anti-India gang spreading false news about Union Home Minister Amit Shah and BJP government for political gains in the ongoing election and trying to create communal disharmony among religious groups.



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Editor D-Intent Data
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