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FACTCHECK: Dalit Women Beaten With Sticks By Family

FACTCHECK: Dalit Women Beaten With Sticks By Family

ANALYSIS: Misleading

FACT: This user shared a old video in which some people can be seen beating up a woman with sticks. User shared video with misleading claim that the victim woman belong to Dalit caste and was beaten up by Hindu upper caste people. But fact is that is an old video from 2021. The incident taken place in Madhya Pradesh where The tribal women (cousins) were tortured in full public view by their family members because they were apparently talking to their maternal cousins – enraging the family, nothing to do with caste Women Beaten With Sticks By Familyor religion as accused and victim both belongs to same caste and it is a personal family feud.

INTENT: Anti-India propaganda spreaders sharing old video with false claim to target India and setting their agenda on caste .





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