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FACTCHECK: “Controversy arises as Congress-backed government appoints Muslims and Christians as temple priests in Kerala, sparking debate on religious representation and tradition”

ANALYSIS: Misleading

FACT: A cropped video is being circulated on social media in which a man can be seen reciting Islamic prayers among a group of Hindu devotees. The video has been shared with misleading claim that the video is from Yadurappa temple Kerala and the man reciting Islamic prayers is Christian/Muslim appointed by Congress-backed government in Kerala. Upon research we found location of the video Which is not from Kerala,but from Andhra Pradesh and is at least 5 years old.Vavar was a Muslim saint who became a devotee of Lord Ayyappa. There is a shrine dedicated to Vavar Swami at Sabarimala. Since Vavar Swami and Lord Ayyappa are considered close associates, song is about them together. The man singing in the video is also Hindu, The video is from Chalasani Gardens, Andhra Pradesh. Hence the claims are fake and baseless, nothing to do with Kerala government or Christian/Muslim priest.

INTENT:Extremist account sharing cropped old video with false claim to create communal disharmony among religious groups in the country and trying to influence politics



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