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FACTCHECK: BajrangDal members used guns during a fight between a group of men belonging to different communities. Mohin Khan, 20, a local who was passing through the area, sustained a gunshot wound in stomach.


FACT: A Muslim woman from Babarshah Colony eloped with a Dalit man from Pataudi on January 30,after 4 days On February 3, woman’s family got to know that she married a Dalit man from the neighbourhood & it started the disquiet between the two families The couple, meanwhile,is living peacefully in another city. At least 20 people went to the Babarshah colony for “holding talks” with the girl’s family. Where residents of the colony pelted stones at them, one of the relatives of woman’s family used objectionable words.Members of Bajrang Dal reached the house to save the family of Dalit man. Both parties pelted stones at each other. Unidentified persons fired shots & one of woman’s family member got injured.

INTENT:Extremists spreading selective news to set their agenda on fake narrative



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