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Hapur, Uttar Pradesh — Man Belonging To Minority Community Was Beaten But No Action Against Accused? Fact-Check

A sensitive video depicting an injured person with visible signs of assault on his back has been circulated, indicating that Prince Sharma and his associates physically assaulted Mohammad Nadeem. However, no legal action was taken against them.

Verified profiles on twitter, including @HateDetectors tweeted ” This is from #Hapur, #UttarPradesh. A #Muslim youth named Mohammad Nadeem of #Nidhawali village in #Dhaulana area said that Prince Sharma and his two associates beat him and made him unconscious. Look at Nadeem’s condition, this beating was no less than #MobLynching. No action has been taken by the police against “Prince Sharma”. “

According to @shadab_chouhan1, Mohammad Nadeem, from the village of Nidhawali in the Dhaulana area of Hapur was beaten unconscious by Prince Sharma and his two companions. The user further questioned whether is this a law in Uttar Pradesh or not. He added, when Muslims are the targets of such atrocities, why are the police failing to report the incident under section 307 or have the perpetrators been detained and taken to court. The other social media accounts who saw the twitter post, went through the question that whether it is just misuse of the law, or will bulldozers be used on the houses of goons as well and whether will Muslims be targeted for this. The tweet was made on Nov 16, 2023, which has received an about 10.1k views on X.

Several other accounts, including @iamharunkhan claimed the same that Mohammed Nadeem said that Prince Sharma and his two associates brutally beat him in the Dhaulana neighbourhood of Hapur, Uttar Pradesh. The police have not taken any action against Prince Sharma. The beating was compared to mob lynching. The archive can be read from above.

What is the Actual Truth About this Incident? : Fact

According to Hapur police, the incident happened under the jurisdiction of Dhaulana police station approximately a month ago, and all of the accused were charged. The further action is underway and three accused were arrested and sent to jail.

The official account of HAPUR POLICE (“@hapurpolice“) tweeted “This is about a month old case in relation to which a case has been registered at Dhaulana police station and three accused involved in the incident have been arrested and sent to jail, advance investigative action is underway.” . The tweet was made on Nov 16, 2023.

D-Intent’s Fact-Checking Results:


Extremist accounts are circulating old videos with false claims to set their propaganda based on religion and establish agenda against police administration to create panic.


Claim : According to a shared sensitive video, Prince Sharma and his associates beat up Mohammad Nadeem, but no action was taken against them. The video shows an injured man with marks of assault on his back.

Fact : According to Hapur police, the incident occurred about a month ago and was handled by the Dhaulana police station; action was taken against all of the accused involved in the incident. Three people have been arrested and are in jail; further action is underway.

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