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#FACTCHECK-CLAIM”A kid, Subham Thakur went missing in Shantiniketan. Later, the body of the kid was recovered from a neighboring house belonging to Ruby bibi”

Analysis: Misleading
Fact: The boy had been missing for 52 hours before his body was discovered in a neighbor’s house, a minority woman. The child’s father owned a salon, and there a youth worked there while falling in love with the accused woman. However, the two families disagreed about this relationship. The child’s family was involved in the dispute and once the coworker was arrested over some dispute, so the woman was furious at the child’s family and later accused in the murder. So there is no religious connection here.
Intent:A tragic tragedy occurred at Shanti Niketan in West Bengal. However, by revealing the name of the accused without context, Vishva Hindu Parishad Media-In Charge of Bengal gave it a communal spin.

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