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FACTCHECK: fraudsters sharing man on ventilator image with emotional message to grab money from people.


FACT: This anonymous account sharing fake information with emotional message to #SCAM money from people, the user shared image of a man on ventilator with the claim- that is his father Ajay Rai & he was a priest in a temple, nolife due to kidney damage but #Fact is that shared image is of Krishnamoorthy Srinivasan( A kidney patient from Coimbatore for whom a fundraising campaign was launched in 2019-20). He shared bank details which can be traced in Uttar Pradesh’s Kushi Nagar.

On the other hand Krishnamoorthy Srinivasan’s original bank details is from Coimbatore.@cyberpolice_up @kushinagarpol@Uppolice

INTENT: Online fraudsters sharing Krishnamoorthy’s image with emotional message to grab money from people.



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