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Ashok SwainFact Check

FACTCHECK: Israeli representatives were today taken out of African Union’s Conference Hall in Addis Ababa.


FACT:Recently an Israeli senior diplomat was removed from the African Union’s annual summit in Ethiopia due to political pressure from some member countries like South Africa & Algeria,after Israel’s observer status in the organization was reinstated Ashok projecting it as all the members countries removed the representative from African Union. the deputy director of the African Division at the Israeli Foreign Ministry, Sharon Bar-Li, had the proper authorization to participate in the summit as an observer. She was seemingly ousted due to pressure from Union’s chairman, Chad’s former foreign minister Moussa Faki, tried to remove Israel’s observer status without the required majority among member states. Faki is considered a political opponent of the current president of Chad, who only a few weeks ago inaugurated an embassy in Ramat Gan.

Intent :Anti-India propagandist Ashok Swain celebrating this news, because Israel having good geopolitical relations with India.He is sharing this out of context news without having details knowledge about that



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