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False Claims of CSK Fans in Ahmedabad Surface During IPL Final

In the era of social media, false information spreads like wildfire, and it is vital to stay vigilant and fact-check before sharing content. Recently, an image depicting a massive crowd wearing yellow T-shirts circulated widely, with claims that it captured CSK (Chennai Super Kings) fans in Ahmedabad during the IPL (Indian Premier League) final against defending champions GT (Guardians of Truth). However, a thorough investigation into the matter revealed that the image had no connection to CSK fans, Ahmedabad, or even India. Let’s delve into the details and uncover the truth behind this misleading claim.

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Fact: Misattributed Image

The shared image, claimed to be of CSK fans in Ahmedabad during the IPL final, is, in fact, a picture from “The Great Ethiopian Run.” The image does not depict any Indian cricket fans or an event related to CSK or Ahmedabad. Its misappropriation in this context misleads viewers and creates a false narrative.

Research and Fact-Checking:

To verify the authenticity of the image, we conducted a comprehensive investigation. Our fact-checking efforts led us to a tweet by user Anant Kashyap, who originally shared the image in question. The tweet, which included the misleading image. However, utilizing the web archiving service, we accessed the archived version of the tweet.

Further examination revealed that the image had been falsely associated with CSK fans in Ahmedabad during the IPL final. To establish the true origin of the image, we referred to an article published on the MDG (Millennium Development Goals) Fund website. 

The article discusses the annual “Great Ethiopian Run” event, where thousands of participants gather to run through the streets of Ethiopia wearing yellow T-shirts.

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Intent: Highlighting Misinformation

It is essential to understand the intent behind the circulation of such misleading content. Users who shared images from different countries and falsely claimed them to be from Ahmedabad, India aimed to gain attention and visibility on social media platforms. By leveraging the popularity of the IPL and the fanaticism of CSK fans, these individuals attempted to exploit the collective excitement surrounding the tournament for their own purposes.


Misinformation has become a prevalent issue in today’s digital age, and it is crucial to exercise caution and verify facts before accepting and sharing content. In this particular case, an image supposedly depicting CSK fans in Ahmedabad during the IPL final was proven to be unrelated to India, CSK, or the mentioned event. We must remain vigilant, employ critical thinking, and rely on verified sources for accurate information. Fact-checking organizations play a vital role in debunking false claims and maintaining the integrity of information. Together, we can combat the spread of misinformation and ensure that the truth prevails.

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