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False Quote Circulation: Nasser Hussain Denies Comparing Indian Batters to Babar Azam and Kane Williamson

In the world of cricket, misinformation has once again reared its head. A fake quote falsely attributed to commentator Nasser Hussain is making rounds on social media. The quote suggests that Hussain mentioned Indian batters should learn from Babar Azam and Kane Williamson on playing pacers when the ball is moving around. Let’s dive into the incident, the misleading tweets, the fact-checking efforts, and the intent behind this misinformation campaign.

Description of the Incident: 

Social media users have been circulating a quote allegedly attributed to Nasser Hussain, claiming that he made remarks about Indian batters needing to learn from Babar Azam and Kane Williamson on playing pacers in challenging conditions. However, upon closer examination, it has been confirmed that Nasser Hussain himself has denounced this quote as fake. Despite extensive searches on social media platforms and Sky Sports, no video clip or credible source of the quote has been found.

Misleading Tweets:

  1. The Twitter account @geonews_urdu shared the fake quote without verifying its authenticity, contributing to the spread of misinformation. Link to tweet Archived version
  2. User @babarazamking_ shared the false quote without fact-checking, further propagating the misinformation. Link to tweet Archived version
  3. User @Rnawaz31888 also shared the fake quote, adding to the dissemination of false claims. Link to tweet Archived version
  4. User @bleedgreenarmy contributed to the spread of misinformation by sharing the fake quote without verifying its authenticity. Link to tweet Archived version

Fact-Checking by D-Intent: 

To uncover the truth behind the viral quote, fact-checking organization D-Intent conducted a comprehensive investigation. They confirmed that Nasser Hussain had denounced the quote circulating in his name as false. Despite diligent efforts, no credible video clip or evidence of the quote was found on social media or Sky Sports.

The Intent: 

The intent behind this incident becomes clear upon considering the accounts involved in spreading the misinformation. Deliberate misinformation propaganda spreaders from Pakistan, along with a few unknowing media outlets from India, have played a role in circulating false claims. Their objective is to mislead cricket fans worldwide, potentially fueling unnecessary controversies and straining relations between cricketing nations.

Fact-Checking Sources:

  1. Live Hindustan: Nasser Hussain Clears the Air on Fake Statement about Indian Batters Learning from Babar Azam and Kane Williamson. Link to article Archived version
  2. Twitter user @mufaddal_vohra debunks the fake quote attributed to Nasser Hussain. Link to tweet Archived version


The circulation of a fake quote falsely attributed to Nasser Hussain has exposed the prevalence of misinformation and propaganda in the realm of cricket. It is crucial for social media users and media outlets to exercise responsible consumption and dissemination of information. By being vigilant and fact-checking claims, we can combat the spread of false narratives, promote accurate reporting, and preserve the integrity of the sport we love.

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