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How Dalit media used unfortunate death of #DarshanSolanki for propaganda.

How Dalit media used unfortunate death of #DarshanSolanki for propaganda. Student of chemical engineering at IIT –Bombay committed suicide on February 12. A Special Investigation Team(SIT) was formed by the Maharashtra government to probe the death of 18-year old student.

So called Dalit media outlets and Dalit activists tried to project the news via tweet/post/space as he was facing caste discrimination from Hindu upper caste and used “Dalit”/Caste words multiple times in each post.

Recently, SIT has found a suicide note from his room, in which Solanki accuses another student, Armaan Iqbal Khatri, of harassing and threatening him after a dispute. “Armaan has killed me,” was written on the note, police said.

Now when dalit media got to know that accused belongs to a particular community and not from Hindu upper caste, majority of Dalit activists are either silent or whoever reporting the news not using Caste atrocities as a main cause of suicide anymore.

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