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“Kashmiri Lives Matter: Ashraf and Others Die in Indian Jails After Decades of Imprisonment” Read Fact-check

ANALYSIS: Misleading

Misleading Tweet Link:

Fact Check A video of a handcuffed man offering religious prayer in hospital bed has been shared with misleading claim that a man named Mohammad Ashraf has been imprisoned in Jail for the past 26 years,security forces took him for medical in hospital Upon research we didn’t find origin of the video but the man in the video doesn’t look like Peer Mohammad Ashraf,who was arrested in December 2006 in connection with the grenade attack on a government sponsored rally that had taken place 19 July 2004 in Kapran , Verinag in southern Anantnag district.The attack was on three congress ministers and dozen of government officials. In this attack 6 people including government officials were died and 50 were injured. Small Pakistani accounts spreading the video in social media with false claim. Peer Mohammad Ashraf didn’t spend 26 years in jail but 16 years for his involvement in terror activities and killing innocent civilians, government officials in J&K.

Source: Youtube, Facebook , The Kashmir Press, Satp

Intent: Unknown accounts from Pakistan sharing misleading story and trying to make a hero out of a terrorist.

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