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Israel-Palestine Conflict — Old Video Of Protest Against PM Benjamin Netanyahu in Tel Aviv Resurfaced With False Claims: Fact-Check

The ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas terrorists has sparked a video of a sizable crowd waving a large Israeli flag, which purports to show protests by Israeli citizens against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Several users inlcuding, julian jorge (“@julianjorge5“) wrote on X “TEL AVIV: Gigantic protest in #Israel against Netanyahu and his terrible handling of the situation for which they blame him,…if Netanyahu thought that with the conflict his problems would end, he was wrong, he is worse than at the beginning of it; now they ask his dismissal”. The tweet has received an about 133.6k views and 412 reshares.

Is the claim made by the users true? : Fact

The truth is that the video is outdated and unrelated to the current conflict. This old video, taken in Tel Aviv in March 2023, shows thousands of Israeli citizens demonstrating against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over judicial reforms.

The Telegraph, posted an youtube video on March 12, 2023, which gives the evidence that this video is not from the current conflict.

Verified profile on twitter, Anadolu English (“@anadoluagency“) , also shared their views on the incident with the caption “Anti-government protests resume in Israel for 10th straight week Tens of thousands participate in demonstrations against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s judicial reform plan“. The tweet was made on March 12, 2023 and has received an about 19.5k views.

D-Intent’s Fact-Checking Results:


In an attempt to cast Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a negative light regarding the ongoing Israel-PalestineConflict, misinformation propaganda accounts repost old videos with untrue claims.


Claim : There is a video circulating that purports to show a sizable gathering of Israelis protesting against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the midst of the ongoing conflict between Israel and terrorists from Hamas.

Fact : Thousands of Israeli citizens were observed protesting against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over judicial reforms in March 2023, as captured in this old Tel Aviv video.

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