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Misinformation about Bandit Queen Phoolan Devi and the truth about her.

Caste-based hatred propaganda, misinformation about Bandit #PhoolanDevi is being circulated. How image of a notorious bandit of #Chambal getting redefined by #Dalit Propaganda eco system and established as a lower caste’s role model.

Hate spreader “The Dalit Voice” Glorified her violent act and said that she killed her rapists in “Behmai massacre”. That is not true as she killed innocent upper caste men. Phoolan was accused for 48 criminal offenses including murder, plunder, arson, kidnapping for ransom

Phoolan’s family had a land dispute with her uncle (same caste). Devi’s uncle and cousin (Maiyadin) forced her father to relinquish the land and compelled to live in a small house on the edge of the village. Her cousin beat her into unconsciousness as she protested.

Phoolan Devi got married to a man called Puttilal(Same caste), who offered 100 rupees, a cow and a bicycle as a dowry. She left her husband when she had “measles”. They lost land in divorce settlement. Absolutely no connection of caste atrocity here.

Devi’s family sent her to stay with a distant relative in the village of Teoga, where she had affair with own married cousin Kailash, who ran errands for bandits.When Kailash’s wife came to know about affair, she ordered Devi to return to her own village, Gorha Ka Purwa.

Devi’s family ask Puttilal to take her back, for the sake of family reputation Devi returned to her husband, who already married again by this time. After years she again returned to the parental home . Attacked uncle’s son, cause of land grabbing and got arrested.

As per her ,Babu Gujjar a bandit took her (no caste involved) but fact is she had long last relations with them via Cousin Kailash. Then she had affair with babu’s 2nd in command Vikram, who later killed Babu and became head of the gang.

After getting trained by Vikram, she became bandit queen, robbed trains and vehicles, and looted higher caste villages, sometimes using stolen police uniforms as a disguise and beat old husband (Puttilal), whose only crime was being elder than her.

Former gang leader, Shri Ram Singh & Lalla Ram released from jail.Power struggle started inside two separate groups.Vikram got killed. She was raped & forced to collect water from the well whilst naked, in front of the villagers.Nothing to do with caste as it was a gang war

She formed another gang with Man Singh (had another affair with) and numerous other criminals. Wearing police uniform searched for Shri Ram Singh in #Behmai village. When not found, she instead killed innocent 20 higher caste men(2 survived).

Set conditions regarding her surrender-no death penalty for anyone from her gang; a maximum custodial sentence of eight years; no handcuffs; being imprisoned as a group & in MP and not UP; her family being given land with their goat and cow; brother getting a govt job.

Charges against Devi were dropped in 1994 by order of the central government of Mulayam Singh Yadav, from the #SamajwadiParty (she joined them). Elected to the Lok Sabha as a Member of Parliament (MP) for #Mirzapur in UP. Attend Akhilesh’s marriage.

Mala Sen her biographer made hero out of her, who herself was British Asian, British Black Panthers movements & women rights activists. #BanditQueen Movie in 1994 made a hero out of her, showcasing misleading facts only. Not her crimes but achievements glorified in it.

Thakur farmers had to pressure Prime Minister Indira Gandhi to impose the rule of law before she (used as lower caste representative) got arrested.Director of the movie”Bandit Queen” Shekhar Kapur was married to congress-former PM I.K Gujral’s niece Medha Gujral

Arundhati Roy, a sympathizer of terrorists and Naxalites, was her mentor for legal. Taking her suggestions phoolan was not agreed with scenes, she took the film-makers – including Mala – to court, demanding the film be banned for invading her sexual privacy.

Channel 4 eventually settled out of court, paying Devi £40,000.Devi immediately announced that she now supported the film.She was politically so strong after released from Tihar Jail, Ram Vilas Paswan reached her house & tied Rakhi.Later married Congress leader Umed Singh

Dalit Voice said that police had not registered case for rape. Thats the lie, because she was already having numerous cases against her for looting, she couldn’t go to police, also it was an internal gang fight of bandits. There is absolutely no connection of caste in this

Her family got scammed by own caste relatives because they were not educated. She had affair with Own married brother Kailash, bandit Vikram Mallah and Man Singh, but refused to stay with her husband. Currently her mother and sister do not get food as she refused to help

She was raped cause of gang war for power grab, not caste based. But she took revenge killing 20 higher caste men who were innocent. Case files of those crimes also gone missing and Phoolon and her Gang member gone unpunished until Sher Singh Rana assassinated her, 2001.

A dark chapter of how unfortunate events lead a village girl became a notorious criminal & murderer,with the help of #Congress govt left unpunished & became politician later with help from Samajwadi Party is used again by hate spreader Dalit Voice to brainwash Dalit Youth.


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