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Sexual Assault Incident in Ahmedabad
Fact Check

Misleading Tweets Circulated After a Sexual Assault Incident in Ahmedabad

On Thursday, a girl student was forcibly kissed and molested by Vijay Sarkate, who was later arrested under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act. The incident took place in Ahmedabad’s Kagdapith police station area. However, some Twitter users circulated a video showing a girl kicking and thrashing a guy with a belt. They claimed that the boy belonged to a minority community who was molesting a Hindu girl. Lets dive into the deep of this incident about- Sexual Assault Incident in Ahmedabad.

Misleading Tweets Circulated

One Twitter user, ManuHindu007, had shared the video and captioned it as “Hindu girl thrashes Muslim boy who misbehaved with her.” Another user, Ashothos, shared the video with the text “Another episode in the series… Hindus cannot come out of their houses without a belt, excuse, and extreme vigilance now.”

Similarly, Jalpa Baraiya shared the video and claimed that it is “Most satisfying video anyone could see on social media today! A Hindu girl beats up a Muslim boy who tried to misbehave with her.”

Misleading link 1 Archived

Misleading Link 2 Archive

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Fact Checking Done by D-Intent

However, the fact is that the video was not related to the incident that took place in Ahmedabad. The guy in the video was not related to the case of sexual assault. The girl in the video was thrashing a man, who was allegedly harassing her and stalking her. D-Intent, a fact-checking platform, verified the facts and revealed that the original video was posted in 2019.


The Complete Intent Behind the Incident

The incident should not be given a communal colour as it has nothing to do with Hindu-Muslim relations. Here, the issue is of sexual harassment and the safety of women. It is disheartening to see the spread of misleading information and the use of social media to incite communal tensions. It is essential to use social media platforms carefully and verify the information before sharing it.

In conclusion, it is crucial to spread awareness about fake news and the need for fact-checking. The incident in Ahmedabad should not be given a communal angle as it is a matter of sexual harassment and assault. It is essential to respect the privacy of the victims and refrain from spreading fake news. Let us fight fake news and misinformation and promote responsible use of social media platforms.

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