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misleading news by BJP IT Cell
Amit MalviyaFact Check

Fact Check: BJP IT Cell head shared Misleading news on a Minor and a Tribal Girl being Raped in West Bengal.

BJP IT cell has shared a post alleging that a 14-year-old minor girl is being raped by a TMC worker and a tribal girl is being raped by her Muslim neighbor in Kaljani and Tufanganj, respectively, of Coochbehar West Bengal.

@amitmalviya In-charge of BJP’s National Information & Technology Dept. tweeted on July 27, 2023, that five men of TMC the ruling party of West Bengal abducted a minor girl from Kaljani, Coochbehar on 18th of July and raped her mercilessly for 48 hours. The victim was unconscious when she was taken to a private hospital after that she died. The police and the local TMC president had threatened the victim’s family if they files any complaint against the accused.

In the same post, the user shared another piece of news about a Tribal girl who was drugged and raped by her Muslim neighbor in Tufanganj, Coochbehar. Similar to the previous case the victim’s family and the girl are being threatened by the ruling party TMC not to file any complaint. The girl was ill and the TMC leaders resisted her from getting admitted to a hospital till it becomes inevitable. The girl is presently fighting for her life.

Fact- Check:

To fact-check our team investigated the official Twitter handle of the Coochbehar District Police @CBR_Police and West Bengal Police @WBPolice. We find that both have shared a statement regarding the news spread by the BJP IT Cell head. The Coochbehar District Police in its statement claims that the news spread by the BJP IT Cell head is misleading the principal accused of the Kaljani incident Bappa Barman who belongs to the same village. He sexually assaulted the girl and then the girl fainted. With the help of other four friends, he brought the girl to a local doctor first, then to the local hospital, and then to a nursing home.

The Coochbehar District Police also stated all five accused who were involved are arrested and none of the accused are active members of any political party. The police shifted the victim to MJN Hospital for better treatment and also arranged blood for the victim. The Coochbehar District Police also clarified the other news from Tufanganj which was factually wrong. A complaint was filed by the victim’s mother that her daughter is having love affairs with the accused. On 18, July 2023 both the girl and the accused eloped together and were brought back home on 22, July. 2023. The girl is presently admitted to MJN Hospital.

Coochbehar Police statement

West Bengal Police through their Twitter handle shared a video statement of SP Coochbehar and claimed the tweet by the BJP IT cell is fake news. The SP of Coochbehar gave a detailed report of both the incident and also states that the minor from Kaljani died although given proper medical care.


D- Intent’s Fact-Check confirms that the news posted by the BJP IT Cell head is false and misleading. Hence going by the statements of the Police it is clear that both incidents were wrongly reported by the BJP IT Cell head.

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