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Temple Priest Beats Woman From Darbhanga
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Old Video of Temple Priest Beats Woman From Darbhanga Circulates With Casteist Claims

An old sensitive video from Darbhanga, Bihar has been shared which shows a temple priest grabbing the hair of a woman wearing a red Sari, the video has been shared as caste and gender-based discrimination against women. These claims are false that temple priest Beats Woman. Here is the truth.

Old Video Circulated With False Claims

The video has been shared claiming a woman who tried to enter a Hindu Temple was beaten up mercilessly by the head priest for being a woman & a woman of a lower caste. The misleading post can be found here ( Archived). Sikhs are not Hindu (“@akal_de_sewad“) also made the claim that when a Dalit woman attempted to enter a temple, a Hindu Brahmin priest severely beat her on Dec 30, 2023 in a twitter post.

Research, Analysis and Fact

We did a reverse image search to know the veracity of the video from which we came to know that this incident happened in 2021 in Darbhanga, Bihar. During research, we found several media reports, according to the reports (Archived ) this is an old video from Darbhanga, Bihar where the doors of the “Mother Shyama Mai temple” were closed to the general public due to Corona guidelines. The woman was adamant about opening the closed gates of the temple. That is what led to a quarrel. During the fight, the angry temple priest grabbed the woman’s hair and thrashed her in 2021. It had nothing to do with gender and caste. The action was taken against the priest at that time.


Misinformation propaganda accounts are circulating old videos with casteist claims to set caste-based narrative for political gains.


Claim – Temple priest beats woman because of her caste and gender.

Fact- Temple doors were closed to the general public due to Corona guidelines, but the woman was trying to enter forcefully.

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