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Sitamarhi, Bihar: Old Video Threatens Hindus, PM Modi and CM Yogi, Resurfaces.

Sitamarhi, Bihar: Old Video Threatens Hindus, PM Modi and CM Yogi, Resurfaces.

A few days ago, a disturbing video surfaced on social media depicting two young men wearing a skull cap, purportedly posing as Muslim individuals, verbally abusing and threatens Hindus. In addition to this, the video also contained derogatory remarks targeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. The video quickly gained traction, being shared widely under the assumption that it was a recent incident. The video was circulated as a recent one by many prominent accounts such as @ajaychauhan41, @MANOJTIWARIVBN, @HindutvaWala, @Harsh2147, @YADAV_R_R, and @igopalgoswami. Sources have confirmed that the video in question is not recent, as claimed, but rather a two-year-old footage from Sitamarhi, Bihar.


The incident had occurred earlier, and actions were taken against the individuals at that time. Sitamarhi Police, in response to the video’s recirculation, took to social media platforms to address the situation. They tweeted, “It is often seen that by repeatedly sharing old provocative videos/posts etc., some people are busy trying to spoil mutual harmony and law and order.” The police warned against such actions and assured legal measures would be taken against those responsible.


Misguided Intent and Analysis

The deliberate act of spreading old videos to instigate communal disharmony is a concerning trend. This incident serves as a stark reminder of how misinformation can be used to manipulate emotions and disturb law and order. By misrepresenting an old incident as recent, specific individuals aimed to exploit sentiments and disrupt social harmony for their agenda. Following comprehensive analysis and meticulous fact-checking, our team has investigated the claim. You can refer to the findings of this inquiry in the Twitter thread embedded below.

Claim: An old video, falsely portraying a man abusing and threatening a specific community and political figures, is being circulated as a recent incident in Sitamarhi, Bihar, with the apparent intent of inciting communal tensions.

Fact: The video is confirmed to be a two-year-old footage from Sitamarhi, Bihar.

In our pursuit of accurate and unbiased information, we’ve diligently fact-checked the claims surrounding the incident. Misinformation can sow discord and disrupt communal harmony. Your support matters greatly in our mission to foster an informed and united society. Together, let’s strive to make India and Indians proud, upholding truth and unity. Jai Hind.

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