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Ajay ChauhanFact Check

Fact-Check: Video of eviction drive from West Bengal circulated with misleading claims

Editor D-Intent Data
A disturbing video from an eviction drive from West Bengal shows two distressed young girls sitting on the scattered fragments or debris of their house...
Fact Check

Fact-Check: Naked woman protests in front of Visva-Bharati University’s central library and office, users make false claims

Recently, a sensitive image of a naked woman protest has gone viral on social media platforms. The image has been shared with a claim that...
Fact Check

Birbhum, West Bengal — Old Video Of Attack on Anirban Ganguly’s Convoy Falsely Being Linked To Madhya Pradesh Assembly Election: Fact-Check

Editor D-Intent Data
People in Madhya Pradesh are allegedly chasing and beating BJP leaders, according to a video that went viral showing a mob chasing away a politician....
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