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Kuki Narco-terrorists Threatening The CM of Manipur To Capture Kangla Within Two Months? Fact-Check 

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According to a video that has gone viral, Kuki narco-terrorists are threatening the chief minister of Manipur with taking over Kangla, a major area in...
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Old Video Of Sikh Individual Threatening India’s Sovereignty Falsely Linked to Farmers’ Protest 2024: Fact-Check

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A video of a Sikh man warning and threatening India’s sovereignty is going viral, claiming to be a farmer from the ongoing farmer’s protest. Verified...
Baba BanarasFact Check

Sandeshkhali Violence — Old Video Of Political Workers Threatening an Elderly Man to Vote for them Resurfaced With False Claims: Fact-Check 

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A video purporting to be from Sandeshkhali violence shows a group of people threatening a man to vote for them. Verified accounts on twitter, including...
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Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh— Jajmau Resident Haji Alauddin Plotted in The Cemetery Land With The Help Of Police? Fact-Check

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There have been rumours circulating that Haji Alauddin, a resident of Jajmau, has planned on the cemetery land and is threatening the victim with the...
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