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Exposing Fake News: The Shubman Gill Death Hoax
Fact Check

The Shubman Gill Car Accident: A case of misinformation

In the digital age, the spread of misinformation has become an alarming issue, especially when it comes to public figures. Recently, a shocking incident involving Indian cricketer Shubman Gill made headlines on social media. Fake news regarding his death was being circulated, accompanied by a picture of a damaged car, suggesting his involvement in a tragic car accident. However, the truth behind this incident is quite different and reveals a disturbing intent behind the dissemination of such misleading information.

The Incident Unveiled: 

The deceptive campaign started when a user shared a tweet containing a link to an image, allegedly showing Shubman Gill’s car accident. The tweet gained traction quickly, and many users retweeted and shared it across various platforms. The image was horrifying and deeply concerning to Shubman Gill’s fans and the cricket community as a whole. The misinformation gathered momentum, spreading like wildfire, before reaching an audience beyond the initial platform.

However, a closer inspection of the image and its accompanying text raises questions. The car in the picture did not match the details of the incident described, and upon further investigation, it became evident that the car accident was not connected to Shubman Gill at all. Instead, the image belonged to a different incident involving Indian cricketer Rishabh Pant, which occurred a year ago.

Fact-Checking by D-Intent: 

Thankfully, not all internet users fell for this malicious ploy. D-Intent, a reputable fact-checking organization, took the lead in verifying the authenticity of the news. They diligently examined the misleading links and the accompanying content to separate fact from fiction.

Their investigation led them to the original tweet. The archived tweet confirmed that the misinformation had been circulating since the incident involving Rishabh Pant. D-Intent cross-referenced the car accident in the image with authentic news articles, and it became apparent that it was indeed Rishabh Pant’s car accident, not Shubman Gill’s.

Results of the Fact Check: 

D-Intent’s fact-checking conclusively debunked the death hoax surrounding Shubman Gill. They published their findings, including the authentic sources of the car accident image. This information spread rapidly, helping to correct the narrative and dispel the misleading news.


The incident surrounding the fake death news of Indian cricketer Shubman Gill highlights the urgent need for vigilant fact-checking and responsible behavior on social media. This malicious act of spreading misinformation about a public figure demonstrates the lengths some individuals would go to for personal gain, be it for clickbait or other nefarious purposes.

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As internet users, we must exercise caution and verify information before sharing it. Organizations like D-Intent play a crucial role in debunking falsehoods and promoting a more reliable and truthful digital environment. By collectively combating fake news, we can safeguard the integrity of information and protect public figures from unwarranted harm.

Let this incident serve as a reminder of our responsibility to be discerning consumers of information, ensuring that we contribute to a more informed and credible online community. Together, we can resist the spread of misinformation and foster an internet culture based on accuracy, transparency, and respect.

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