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Disrespect Indian National Flag in canada
Fact Check

Indian Man Stands Up Against Khalistanis Who Disrespect Indian National Flag In Canada, Extremists Made Fake Claims: Fact-Check

In today’s age of social media, it is common to come across misleading content that aims to manipulate our emotions and beliefs. One recent incident of disrespect Indian national flag in canada that caught the attention of netizens involved a video showing khalistani separatists disrespecting the Indian national flag. However, what followed was a twisted tale of false claims, religious propaganda, and a brave Indian citizen caught in the crossfire.

Detailing the Incident, Misleading Links, and the True Identity:

The viral video, which sparked outrage among patriotic Indians, featured a group of khalistani separatists disrespecting the Indian national flag. Infuriated by this sight, a man valiantly tried to protect the tricolor. Unfortunately, amidst the chaos and confusion, false claims began to circulate on social media.

One Twitter user, under the handle @sadiqueanj, misleadingly asserted that the man defending the flag was Shaukat Jamali, a native of Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh. However, after thorough research and fact-checking, it became evident that this claim was nothing more than a malicious fabrication.

Upon unraveling the true identity of the brave soul who stood up for the Indian flag, we discovered that his name is Devanshu Narang, an Indian residing in Canada. On July 10th, he shared the video on his social media platforms, providing an in-depth explanation of the entire situation. It is important to clarify that Shaukat Jamali has no involvement in this incident whatsoever.

D-Intent’s Fact Checking and Validation:

In the midst of fake news and distorted narratives, organizations like D-Intent play a vital role in validating information and ensuring the truth prevails. D-Intent took upon themselves the task of fact-checking and dispelling the falsehoods surrounding this incident.

The fact-checking process led them to uncover a tweet by Devanshu Narang himself, revealing his true identity and debunking the fake claims made by @sadiqueanj. The evidence provided in his tweet unequivocally established that Shaukat Jamali has no connection to the incident and that the claims were fabricated to further religious propaganda.

Unmasking the Malicious Intent:

It is disheartening to witness how false narratives and misleading posts are used as tools to manipulate public opinion and fuel religious propaganda. The incident involving the Indian national flag disrespect became a pawn in a larger game, with malicious actors trying to incite division and hatred among different religious groups.

The spreading of false information not only tarnishes the reputation of innocent individuals like Shaukat Jamali but also serves to sow discord and undermine the fabric of our society. It is essential for all responsible netizens to remain vigilant, fact-check information, and refuse to be swayed by manipulative content.


In the era of social media, it is paramount that we approach news and information with a critical eye. The flag disrespect incident involving the disrespect of the Indian national flag serves as a stark reminder of the lengths to which malicious actors will go to further their agendas. By relying on reputable fact-checking organizations like D-Intent and verifying information using credible sources, we can ensure that the truth prevails over manipulation and propaganda. Let us stand united against the spread of falsehoods and work towards fostering a society that values honesty, authenticity, and fairness.

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