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Images Of Grishma Vekariya Murder Case Being Circulated Again To Whitewash Another Crime— Take A Look

In the digital era, social media has become a powerful tool for spreading information, both accurate and misleading. Unfortunately, there are individuals and accounts that exploit this platform to propagate religious hate and misinformation. Recent events involving an old incident in Surat tragedy in Gujarat, and its connection to a crime in Delhi have shed light on the deceptive tactics employed by these accounts. This blog aims to dissect the facts behind this incident, exposing the truth behind the propaganda.

The Surat Incident:

In February 2022, an unsettling and tragic event took place in Surat, Gujarat. A boy named Fenil Pankaj Goyani allegedly killed his school-time friend, Grishma Vekariya, by slitting her throat with a knife. It was reported that Grishma did not wish to maintain their friendship and had complained about Goyani to her brother and uncle. As a result, Goyani became agitated and attacked Grishma, injuring her brother and uncle as well.

Legal Proceedings and Sentencing:

Following the incident, legal proceedings were initiated, and after three months, in May 2022, Fenil Goyani was sentenced to death for his actions. The court determined that Goyani was responsible for the gruesome crime he committed.

Propaganda and Misinformation:

The third tweet brings attention to a disturbing development. It suggests that certain accounts with ulterior motives are circulating old images from the Surat tragedy in an attempt to divert attention from a recent crime in Delhi. This deliberate act of misinformation aims to create confusion and potentially fuel religious hate among people.

Check this source-

Source 1

Source 2

The Importance of Fact-Checking:

The prevalence of misinformation and propaganda on social media platforms calls for a vigilant and critical approach when consuming and sharing information. It is essential to fact-check news stories before accepting them as true, especially when they have the potential to incite religious hatred or divide communities.

The Danger of Propaganda:

Misinformation and propaganda have severe consequences for society. They can manipulate public opinion, fuel anger and hatred, and distort the truth. In the case of the Surat incident, the circulation of old images not only disrespects the memory of the victim but also undermines the credibility of genuine news sources.

Taking Responsibility:

As social media users, we must shoulder the responsibility of verifying the accuracy of the information we encounter online. By employing critical thinking and conducting thorough research, we can avoid falling victim to propaganda and misinformation.


The incident in Surat, Gujarat, involving the tragic murder of Grishma Vekariya by Fenil Pankaj Goyani, should be examined based on the facts surrounding the case. The circulation of old images from this incident, alongside misinformation and religious hate, only serves to further the agenda of those who seek to exploit social media for their own gain. By remaining vigilant and committed to truth, we can combat misinformation and foster a more informed and tolerant society.

For an in-depth analysis of the viral news and the impact of misinformation, follow our blog and stay informed.

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