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Unraveling Misinformation: The Shamli Stand Idgah Incident
Fact CheckKashif Arsalaan

Unraveling Misinformation: The Shamli Stand Idgah Incident

In the age of social media, misinformation and propaganda have become rampant, often targeting sensitive religious matters. In this blog, we delve into a specific incident where misleading claims were circulated on various platforms, falsely accusing the police of preventing people from entering an Idgah in Muzaffarnagar. We uncover the truth behind the incident, analyze the misleading tweets, examine the fact-checking conducted by relevant authorities, and shed light on the underlying intent of such misinformation.

The Incident:

Several accounts known for spreading religious hate and misinformation propagated a video falsely claiming that the police barred people from entering an Idgah in Muzaffarnagar. However, the fact is that the police have refuted all the allegations and clarified that no one was prevented from offering Namaz. The incident revolves around the Shamli Stand Idgah located in the Kotwali Nagar area, where due to the Idgah being at full capacity, the police advised people to offer Namaz in alternative mosques. All the allegations made against the police are baseless and unfounded.

Misleading Tweets:

Idgah Incident

Numerous tweets played a significant role in spreading the false narrative surrounding the incident. One such tweet was shared by the account @KashifArsalaan, which included the misleading video and insinuated that the police obstructed worshipers. This tweet gained considerable traction and was widely shared across social media platforms. To provide transparency and accessibility, we have included the archived version of the tweet: [1].

Additional misleading tweets that perpetuated false claims include those shared by the accounts @SyedSho43211335 [2], @SabirSh48723440 [3], @Aurang902 [4], and @HYDDeccanNEWS [5]. These accounts actively contributed to the dissemination of misinformation related to the incident.

Fact-Checking by Authorities:

Idgah Incident

In combating the spread of misinformation, the local authorities played a vital role in fact-checking the claims and setting the record straight. The official Twitter account of the Muzaffarnagar Police, @muzafarnagarpol, conducted a thorough investigation and debunked the false narrative. They confirmed that the police had not prevented anyone from entering the Idgah and shared the correct details of the incident. To ensure the accuracy of the information, we have included the relevant fact-checking link: [6].

Intent Behind the Incident:

Idgah Incident

The dissemination of false information and propaganda accounts, in this case, aimed to target the administration and incite communal unrest in the state. By circulating videos with false claims, these accounts sought to exploit religious sentiments, create tension, and sow discord among communities. It is crucial for individuals to remain vigilant and critically assess the information they encounter, verifying it from credible sources before accepting and sharing it.


This incident serves as a stark reminder of the prevalence of misinformation in the digital age. False narratives can have far-reaching consequences, causing social and communal tensions. By relying on accurate information from reliable sources and engaging in critical thinking, we can collectively combat the spread of misinformation. Let us strive for an informed and responsible online community, where truth triumphs over propaganda.

Reference Section:

Misleading Tweets:

  1. @KashifArsalaan’s tweet
  2. @SyedSho43211335’s tweet
  3. @SabirSh48723440’s tweet
  4. @Aurang902’s tweet
  5. @HYDDeccanNEWS’s tweet

Fact-Checking Links:

  1. @muzafarnagarpol’s fact-check

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