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False Claims of Minority Community Slaughtering Goat Lead to Communal Tension
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False Claims of Minority Community Slaughtering Goat Lead to Communal Tension

In a recent incident, a video alleging that individuals from a minority community residing in a rented house slaughtered a goat on their terrace has sparked outrage and fueled communal tensions. However, upon investigation, it was revealed that the claims made in the video were entirely false. This blog post aims to shed light on the incident- Community Slaughtering Goat Lead to Communal Tension, analyze misleading tweets, present the fact-checking efforts by D-Intent, and delve into the underlying intent behind this misinformation.

The Incident:

The video, widely circulated on social media platforms, claimed that individuals from a minority community were engaging in animal slaughter on their terrace. The purported incident took place during the religious festival of Eid. The video gained traction quickly, causing anger and division among communities.

Misleading Tweets:

One of the tweets that contributed to the spread of misinformation was posted by user Hemendra Tripathi (@hemendra_tri). The tweets contained a video and asserted that people from a minority community were slaughtering a goat on the terrace. The tweet created a false narrative that further intensified communal tensions. (Archive)

Fact-Checking by D-Intent:

To uncover the truth, the local police (@lkopolice) intervened and conducted an investigation. They promptly responded to the viral video, which had gained significant attention on social media. The police’s official Twitter account released a statement (2/3) clarifying that the video was misleading and baseless. The police confirmed that the individual in the video, Sunil Kumar, was merely cleaning meat he had purchased from the market on the rooftop of his rented house, which belongs to Deepak Gupta.

Intent behind the Incident:

It is essential to understand the intent behind such incidents. Extremists with malicious intentions circulate videos like these during religious festivals, intending to incite communal unrest. By manipulating emotions and spreading false claims, they seek to create division and strife within society.


Misinformation and false narratives can quickly spread through social media platforms, leading to communal tensions and unrest. In the case of the video falsely accusing a minority community of slaughtering a goat on their terrace, it was proven to be baseless and misleading. Fact-checking efforts by D-Intent and prompt action from the local police helped dispel the false claims. It is crucial for individuals to remain vigilant, verify information before sharing, and not contribute to the propagation of false narratives that can harm social harmony.

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